1. Atlanta,GA
  2. Feb 28, 2017

Quality Drive-Away is hiring for a Drivers job in Atlanta,GA

CDL and Non CDL Opportunities

Drive-away is a one-way delivery.  Quality Drive Away, Incorporated will match drivers with all types of drive-away vehicles to be driven off a manufacture's lot and taken to a dealership somewhere throughout the United States and Canada.  Many drive-aways go from one major city to another.  If your goal is to get from Goshen to a small town near Los Angeles, you can probably get a drive-away to LA.  Once you deliver the unit you will be responsible for finding your own transportation back to your original destination or reload from one of our other 23 pickup locations!

You are allowed to tow a light-weight vehicle behind most of our freight to provide means of returning home, but if you do not have one, you can still do this type of work using public transportation.  If you use public transportation, be flexible about cities for departure and arrival and leave yourself lots of time, as there’s no guarantee that a drive away to your chosen destination will be available when you need it.

Safety Rewards Program

Quality Drive Away, Inc. is proud to offer this Safety Rewards Program to each of our Subcontractor’s.  The objective of this program is to instill in each Subcontractor the importance of an accident and damage free environment by offering rewards to encourage the Subcontractor to think about safety each and every day. “That is what safety is all about.”


50,000         100,000    250,000        500,000     750,000


  $100          $250          $500         $1,000      $1,500


  1,000,000   1,250,000    1,500,000   1,750,000    2,000,000


   $2,500         $3,000     $3,500         $4,000      $4,500

Each reward level also receives a certificate and recognition pin.  If you reach the top level, you would have gotten over $20,000 in bonuses just for following the traffic laws and driving safely.

CSA Inspection Incentive

Sub-Contractors that successfully pass a C.S.A. Roadside Inspection will receive a $50 bonus as long as the Inspection Report is submitted to the Corporate Safety Department within one (1) business day of the inspection with a copy of the log for that day.  Payment will be paid at the end of the week in which the inspection was received.
In addition, each terminal’s passed C.S.A. Inspections will be entered into a yearly drawing to be held at the Corporate Driver Appreciation Party.  The winner from each terminal will win $200.
Driver Mentor Referral Program

The driver mentor referral program is focused on using our number one tool to build our driver base: our drivers! Quality Drive Away offers this program as an incentive for current drivers to recommend our company to new drivers.
The driver mentor referral program works as such:

  • A current Quality Drive Away driver refers a new driver and agrees to mentor the new driver when the new driver requests or indicates a need for help or encouragement.
  • The current Quality Drive Away driver gives his/her cell phone number to the new driver for purposes of contact.
  • The current Quality Drive Away driver fills out the appropriate Driver Mentor Referral Form and turns it in to the recruiting office in Goshen, IN within 7 days of the new driver’s orientation.
  • The current Quality Drive Away driver will receive an incentive bonus, just for helping out a fellow driver.

Any and all applicants are subject to our pre-qualification checklist provided below.  Please verify that you meet all the requirements listed on this page to expedite your application so that you can quickly join our team of independent contractors, moving you on your way to financial gains and freedom to see the country.

Requirements & Qualifications:

  • Must have CDL, Chauffeur license, or “for hire” license in your state (check with licensing state on state requirement)
  • Copy of D.O.T. physical

a. Medical card sufficient in most cases
b. Long form required if driver has certain limitations

  • Must be able to pass a drug screening
  • Must be at least 23 years of age with a satisfactory work histroy
  • Must have a satisfactory driving history determined by the safety and compliance department of Quality Drive Away, Incorporated
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check, although exceptions may be made based on severity, but are at the sole discretion of the safety safety and compliance department of Quality Drive Away, Incorporated
  • No DUI or DWI convictions in a commercial vehicle or in the past ten years in a private vehicle
  • No more than two moving violations in a 3 year period
  • No more than 2 accidents in the last 3 years, regardless of fault
  • Must be able to pass a road driving test administered by our company or affiliate if a non-CDL driver

Click the "Apply Now" button to complete an online application now!

For additional information, call us at the number listed above this posting.

All applications are reviewed by the Recruiting Department at the corporate headquarters in Goshen, Indiana.  Once an application has been received, a qualified driver can expect to be contacted by telephone by one of our team members for further consideration.

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