Restaurant Manager

  1. Grand Prairie,TX
  2. Feb 26, 2019
  3. Entertainment : General Entertainment

1000 Lone Star Parkway - Grand Prairie, Texas, 75050

Lone Star Park is hiring for a Restaurant Manager job in Grand Prairie,TX


Plans, directs and coordinates all aspects of food service and customer satisfaction throughout the Bar and Book in accordance with company policies, procedures and federal/state requirements, including restaurant activities and service quality, staffing and staff development, budget adherence, purchasing and production.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Coordinates and oversees the daily operation of the Bar & Book Food Service Department, including staffing and related systems as needed to facilitate various events throughout the year.
  2. Produces and enforces scheduling for both front and back of the house employees.
  3. Directs shift leads and supervisors in planning efforts to ensure adherence to kitchen and front-of-the-house (FOH) and back of house (BOH) policies and procedures.
  4. Allocates staff gratuities and tip pool amounts in accordance with company policy and shift report amounts.
  5. Adheres to and consistently enforces organizational policies, procedures, and quality service standards through coaching and reporting of concerns directly to the Food and Beverage Director including enforcement of sanitary practices for food handling, hygiene, general cleanliness, and maintenance of sports bar and kitchen areas.
  6. Participates in all Bar & Book food service hiring efforts, including participating in in-house job fairs and interviewing. Discusses potential hires with the Food and Beverage Director.
  7. Inputs all new hire paperwork into Paycom and ensures it is in order prior to submission to HR.
  8. Trains and develops staff to meet accepted standards and departmental objectives.
  9. Ensures affected employees are properly trained to serve alcoholic beverages and are certified by the TABC.
  10. Ensures affected employees are properly trained to serve and handle food and have a certified Food Handler's License.
  11. Ensures employees are properly oriented to the organization as required by company policies and procedures.
  12. Assigns work schedules to ensure proper staffing levels are relative to current and projected business trends; monitors utilization of personnel and workflow to maximize productivity and reduce labor costs and expenses.
  13. Approves all weekly time sheets /payroll, purchase orders, and invoices.
  14. Inputs purchase orders for all of F&B Department
  15. Inputs all Merchandise Arivals for all of F&B Department.
  16. Audits timekeeping records and resolves discrepancies as necessary.
  17. Ensures time & attendance points worksheets are updated accurately and timely as needed.
  18. Works with the Food and Beverage Director to learn and adhere to Budget and Budget guidelines.
  19. Identifies standards of performance, determines and assigns area(s) of staff responsibility and accountability, delegates authority as needed to successfully enhance service delivery.
  20. Investigates and resolves MICROS issues as needed, including shortages and product variances.
  21. Coordinates with the General Manager to oversee, trains and coordinates with the F&B Supervisor to ensure work is thorough, timely and efficient to meet budget and performance goals.
  22. Oversees the responsibilities of Food & Beverage Shift Leads and assists where needed.
  23. Ensures all employee-related issues are thoroughly and timely investigated and documented; reports issues to the Food and Beverage Director in a timely manner.
  24. Assists the Food and Beverage Director in coaching, documenting and counseling employees as required.
  25. Works directly with the Food and Beverage Director for all terminations of employees.
  26. Resolves employee complaints and initiates or makes recommendations for personnel actions as appropriate.
  27. Promotes "winning experiences"; addresses and resolves customer complaints, concerns, or special needs.
  28. Communicates with staff daily (or as often as needed) to address concerns in delivery of customer service, current or upcoming events, company-related news and information, and matters of policy or procedure.
  29. Addresses daily variance reports for restaurant and affected areas.
  30. Verifies monthly inventory and inputs final numbers after review with General manager as necessary.
  31. Oversees bar area in an effort to maintain acceptable bar costs and cleanliness; assists in ensuring sobriety of patrons.
  32. Establishes and maintains proper inventory par levels.
  33. Assists Auditor as needed in completing daily reconciliation, bar summaries, over/short reports, micros reports and other daily audit functions as needed.
  34. Acts as Manager-on-Duty and performs all responsibilities in the Bar & Book facility as necessary.
  35. Recognizes and rewards exceptional performance or efforts.
  36. Responsible for the functionality of the dining room and its affected areas.Ensures all dining areas, including equipment, and furniture are safe, clean and in good condition.
  37. Actively seeks ways to improve employee engagement, productivity, safety, cost-savings, inventory control, etc.Discusses recommendations with the Food and Beverage Director before implementation.
  38. Constantly encourages teamwork, professionalism and creativity among staff.
  39. Contributes to a positive work environment by participating in company and/or employee events and activities.
  40. Ensures all on-the-job injuries are reported and investigated timely (where applicable) in accordance with company policy and procedures.
  41. Inspects areas of responsibility to detect existing or potential safety hazards and recommends or executes preventative measures.
  42. Conducts and/or monitors employee job safety training, including fire prevention, worksite safety, and hazard communication.
  43. Implements and enforces safety policies and procedures in accordance with company standards and state/federal rules and regulations.
  44. Attends all emergency preparedness, safety training, and safety committee meetings (or assigns designee as appropriate). Disseminates information and assignments as needed.
  45. Maintains and ensures confidentiality of department records and other reports as required for administrative and regulatory purposes.
  46. Maintains confidentiality of all company- and employee-related information.
  47. Interacts with personnel and the general public in a professional, ethical manner.
  48. Attends departmental staff and operational meetings as scheduled.
  49. Works hours necessary to insure customer satisfaction, which may include long hours and/or remaining on-call for problem solving purposes.

Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities

  1. Extensive job-related experience with increasing levels of responsibility required.
  2. Previous managerial/supervisory experience required.
  3. Experience with MICROS and Paycom preferred.
  4. Intermediate computer skills, including word processing, email, and spreadsheets preferred.
  5. Basic math and cash handling skills.
  6. Possess strong organization and leadership skills with a focus on meeting customer needs.
  7. Accurate data entry and 10-key by touch.
  8. Ability to motivate and supervise personnel.
  9. Ability to maintain records and complete reports as required.
  10. Excellent written and oral communication skills required, including problem-solving and conflict resolution. Bilingual skills helpful.
  11. Ability to interact positively with employees and the general public.
  12. Ability to plan ahead to ensure that resources are effectively and economically allocated.
  13. Ability to use good judgment, including grasping and assessing the facts of a situation and draw correct conclusions.
  14. Ability to prioritize time so that work is accomplished on a dependable basis; is reliable and committed to meeting schedules and deadlines.
  15. Ability to select and develop staff to meet accepted standards and departmental objectives.
  16. Ability to demonstrate initiative, including being proactive and resourceful, working independently with minimum supervision.
  17. Ability to think constructively and search for ways to do improve processes.
  18. Ability to win confidence and gain respect through consistent demonstrations of personal courtesy, tact and timely responsiveness.
  19. Ability to recognize the need to coordinate effort; be reliable in following through on requests and commitments.
  20. Ability to foster an environment that nurtures collaboration, teamwork and mutual respect.
  21. Ability to prioritize, multi task and be flexible.
  22. Ability to work as part of a team; work with interruptions; and work with detailed information/data.
  23. Basic computer skills, including word processing and/or spreadsheets preferred.


  1. Computer and supporting equipment
  2. Micros POS
  3. Various restaurant equipment.

Education, Licenses, Certifications

Degree from four-year college/university; or 5 years related experience and/or training; or combination.

Licensing/Certification: ⇒ TABC ⇒ Food Handler's permit ⇒ TXRC licensing

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